Our Services

Headaches and migraines

Our physiotherapists have attended the Level 1 Foundation Headache Course (20 hours), and also Mena Ghaly has attended the 2 day Watson Headache® In

Post surgical rehabilitation

Congratulations who have just had a successful surgery and your surgeon has done a great job. The job isn’t complete yet unfortunately.

Manipulative Physiotherapy

Musculoskeletal manipulative physiotherapy is performed by highly trained physiotherapists. Training focuses on the dysfunctions of the spine especial

Massage therapy

Stressed? Suffering from muscle tightness? Deserve a little me time? Come in and see our excellent, experienced massage therapist who will have you

Dry needling

This needling technique is used by the physiotherapist as an adjunct therapy to the main treatment causing your concern to assist with pain reduction.

Gait analysis and custom orthotic prescription

Flat feet are often an indirect cause of back and/or knee pain due to altered biomechanics in the legs travelling up into the hip and spine. Some peop

Clinical Pilates

Clinic Pilates as taught at our Putney practice, is specifically designed for people with back, neck or shoulder pain and movement dysfunctions! Clini

Waterproof casting and fracture management

Our team have attended courses to help perfect our skills and cast your limb comfortably and aid with the fracture management.

Workers Compensation and 3rd Party insurance providers

All our physiotherapists are Workcover approved and regularly deal with valid and approved Workcover and CTP claims to assist with full return to work

Sport injury specialists

With a wealth of in-house knowledge in treating the local community, and being involved with the local sporting teams our physiotherapists cater to al

Eastern acupuncture

Dr Fogarty is our registered acupuncturist that has been involved in research and clinical practice for several years. Perhaps unique to Acupuncture