Post surgical rehabilitation

Congratulations who have just had a successful surgery and your surgeon has done a great job. The job isn’t complete yet unfortunately.

In hospital you’ll be provided with simple exercises to minimise complications such as chest infection or DVT’s. You may even be prescribed some early strengthening or range of motion exercises. Once you are discharged, you’ll commonly require re-assessment and checking of your progress.

Post-orthopaedic surgery, you’ll almost certainly require exercise progression to fully regain your strength, flexibility and function. The quickest, safest and easiest way to return to your day to day activities is by consulting a physiotherapist experienced in post-operative rehabilitation.

Here at Function Physio we cater to all post-operative rehabilitation. With a long and healthy relationship over the years with the surrounding surgeons we have developed a unique understanding in returning patients back to their lifestyle as quickly as possible.

Typical treatment consists of: