Clinical Pilates

Clinic Pilates as taught at our Putney practice, is specifically designed for people with back, neck or shoulder pain and movement dysfunctions! Clinical Pilates includes a variety of different exercises that train your core muscles to switch on during dynamic movements of your body. We have specialised equipment like a half trapeze and reformer, Pilates chair and barrel for tailored programs.

Our classes are not the conventional matwork Pilates class, instead they are performed in small groups using the Pilates Reformer® equipment to help isolate and target any imbalances or weaknesses you need strengthening. Pilates has been proven to effectively re-train all of your core muscles through a range of different movements, and can be altered to cater for your individual needs!

We only have 4 people maximum per class to allow for specific programming and is conducted by experienced physiotherapists. This means that the classes are claimable through your private health insurance.

Feel free to contact us on Ph: (02) 98797467 or email and we can clarify any queries or concerns regarding your start up.