Tisha Patel

Titiksha (Tisha for short) is a qualified and registered Physiotherapist and has recently moved to Sydney from Auckland. She has a strong background in musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and Pilates and has worked with athletes participating in high level sports such as Crossfit, Running and Tennis. Tisha has a passion for biomechanics and enjoys enhancing people’s ability to work and move well in any tasks they do and to improve their quality of life. 
Tisha has completed FMS and SFMA training as her passion lies with biomechanical movement correction and also holds a post graduate qualification in Acupuncture and dry needling. Recently Tisha has also completed PINC certification allowing her to assist women suffering from Cancer with rehabilitation to assist with pain, fatigue and to maintain their independence. In her spare time, Tisha enjoys spending time with her family, meeting new people and seeing the sights around Sydney.